The Volunteer State makes for an interesting case study on horse racing betting. There are no operating race tracks in the state, no simulcast facilities, and zero in the way of off track betting options. The Tennessee State Racing Commission is no longer in existence, which leaves the legality of betting on the races somewhat of a question mark.

However, the state is still serviced by a number of major online operators. It’s safe to say that they wouldn’t be doing so if they weren’t confident that they had a legal leg to stand on, or if they had any concerns that they were somehow running afoul of state laws.


Legal Horse Racing Betting Sites in Tennessee:

  • BetAmerica
  • TwinSpires
  • AmWager

Online Horse Racing Betting in Tennessee

Those looking to bet on horse racing online in Tennessee have a number of options at their disposal. Our recommended providers are listed up above, and they are the top spots to visit for those looking to watch and wager.

The Racing Control Act of 1987 put laws on the books in regards to racing and pari mutuel wagering. However, that act has since been repealed and the Tennessee State Racing Commission was disbanded.

There have been efforts through the years to bring the commission back to life while also bringing more clarity to the situation at hand, but no substantive progress has been made as of yet. 

Licensed Tennessee Racetracks

There are no operating racetracks in the state of Tennessee. Those looking to take a trip to see live racing in person have a number of options in neighboring states, including Kentucky.

Off-Track Betting in Tennessee

There are no off-track betting facilities located in Tennessee, nor are there any simulcasting venues. The lone option for wagering on the races in Tennessee comes via online betting. Several major operators are up and running in the state and allow residents to set up accounts without issue.

Tennessee Horse Racing Betting Laws

When it comes to the legality of betting on horse racing, Tennessee is a bit unique. At one time, there was a Racing Control Act on the books and a State Racing Commission in place. That’s no longer the case.

The act has been repealed, and the commission has been disbanded. That leaves a legal cloud over Tennessee when it comes to horse racing wagering, but it’s also not much of an issue since the state has no operating tracks, OTB, or simulcasting facilities.

However, the state is serviced by a number of the biggest online operators in the industry, all of whom accept the state’s residents as customers without issue. There have been attempts to bring back the commission through the years, but they haven’t gone anywhere as of yet. 

Major Horse Racing Events in Tennessee

There are no operating racetracks in the state of Tennessee, and no major events to attend in person as a result. However, a trip north to Kentucky opens up a whole host of possibilities for those looking to experience the thrill and action of live horse racing.